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The first line of defense in your pet’s health is an annual physical examination. A complete physical exam serves to detect any abnormalities that may exist as well as any changes that have occurred since previous exams. During the physical exam, the doctor will examine your pet's eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and listen to its heart and lungs. We will feel the abdomen and your pet's joints for abnormalities. Included in the annual exam is all of your pet’s necessary vaccinations along with dietary recommendations, parasite control, and health screening through blood, urine, and fecal tests. These components work together to prevent disease and help diagnose problems in their earliest stages.

The reason that the annual examination is so important is that animals naturally try to hide any illness or discomfort. This instinct is a survival mechanism that helps protect them from predators in the wild. However, in the comfort of your home, it is easy to overlook signs that your companion may be ill.

Strong advocates of the philosophy that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” the Doctors of North Elm recommend that a puppy or kitten’s first full examination take place when the animal is six to seven weeks of age. After completing the puppy or kitten series of exams and vaccines, each pet should continue to have a complete physical examination at approximately the same time each year; and more frequently as they become "senior citizens."

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