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Skin Care

Dog Bathing Photo

Dogs and cats are prone to many common skin conditions. In fact, skin problems and itching are the number one reason pets are brought in to see a vet.  While external parasites are often the cause of skin irritations, animals can suffer additional problems as a result of stress, boredom, fungal or bacterial infections, allergies, and contact irritants.

In this area of North Carolina in particular, there are a high percentage of animals that suffer environmental skin allergies. Inhalant allergies that tend to make humans sneeze make pets itch, rub their face and chew their feet. Food allergies can also create itchy pets.  At North Elm, we’ll help manage your pet’s skin allergies and provide complete protection against skin parasites and irritants. Sometimes a special diet is advised to see if your pet may have a food allergy.

Also, as pets get older they tend to develop lumps and bumps. Some may be harmless but others can be cancerous. Let us examine your pet to find out what they are. Often, the lump must be aspirated with a small needle in order to tell what type of mass it is and the appropriate treatment.

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