Thinking about Adopting a Senior Pet? Watch our new video!


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, but we think it is always a good time to consider a senior pet!  Here are just a few of the reasons adopting a senior pet can be good for you, not to mention the homeless senior:

*  Older pets are through all the difficult puppy behaviors like chewing;

*  Older pets are most likely housebroken, more gentle on a leash, and generally require less exercise;

*  Adopting an adult pet is "what you see is what you get"!  You know what size they are, what their coat is like, their temperament and more;

* Pets never outgrow being cute!

Watch our video of Dr. Sims and her own senior pet, Schkippy, and she will tell you why adopting a senior pet is a great idea.  Let us know is you have any questions about senior pets.


Adopt a Senior Pet