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Airvet Telemedicine Services

Connect with North Elm Animal Hospital from the comfort of your home

Pet care should extend beyond the walls of our office and be accessible to you and your pets no matter where you are or when you need help.

With our new Airvet app, you'll be able to connect with your veterinarian virtually via live video, audio, and chat. We use Airvet to do virtual re-check exams, post-ops, call-backs, and to provide you access to a veterinarian when you need immediate help after-hours.

There are two types of visits you can request. In order to speak with a veterinarian from North Elm, you must use a CALL REQUEST, not an ON DEMAND call. With a CALL REQUEST, your North Elm veteriarian will get a notification and will either call you back or send a message to let you know when they are free. Most call requests will be answered within a few hours, and definiteIy within a day. During working hours, always use a CALL REQUEST. Feel free to call the clinic for more advice. 

An ON DEMAND call will connect you with a veterinarian somewhere in the USA that is logged in to take calls immediately. These can be used for urgent calls when we are closed. If one of our veterinarians is logged on to accept ON DEMAND calls you will get them, but we encourage our vets to take a break from calls and be with their families. You can still put in a CALL REQUEST after hours, but they may not be returned until the next day, especially if it is late. 

Stay safe, we are here to help!


north elm animal hospital telemedicine

To ensure your get the highest access to care for your pets, please make sure to have the app on your smartphone.

Download it here:

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