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Veterinary Technicians Team

Veterinary Technicians

Top row: Hannah, April, Dustin, Savana, Kat, Darlene

Bottom row: Cameron, Katelin

Veterinary Assistant Team

Greensboro North Carolina Veterinarians Team Photo

Top left to right: Josh, Jordan, Ali, Elizabeth

Middle left to right: Camille, Sammi, Carlie, Nicole

Bottom left to right: Brooke, Phuan, Tina

Not pictured: Mary, Sam

Client Service Representative Team

Greensboro North Carolina Veterinarians Team Photo

Top left to right: Caitlyn, Brittany, Courtney, Cheryl, Bess, Jennifer

Bottom left to right: Johanna, Casey, Jeremy

Practice Manager


Bess began her journey in the veterinary field at the age of 18, when she joined her first vet hospital, working as a vet assistant for several years. She then joined North Elm Animal Hospital in the summer of 2008 and spent 13 years at the front desk as a CSR. This is where she learned of her passion for excellent patient care, as well as her desire to be a support person for our clients as well as the people she worked with. Bess took over as associate practice manager in October of 2020, and in July of 2021, became North Elm’s practice manager. Her values as a leader include compassion, flexibility, and connection. She truly believes that having a staff that feels included and supported in the work they do every day, will lead to the best client and patient service possible. When she is not working alongside the great team at North Elm, Bess enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as spending time with her twin sister Alice. Her long-term goal is to continue contributing to the improvement of an already fantastic vet clinic.

Practice Manager